Rickey Gates is a...

ughh... I can't keep up the third person. I am rickey gates, okay? 

you're here at rickeygates dot com, so what can i tell you about me...?

 i don't always spell things right. i don't capitalize letters or words that are suppose to be capitalized. that's about as punk, FTW as I get. 

i had the good fortune of being born in the mountains and brought up interacting with this planet in a manner that has brought me both joy and understanding - about myself, my fellow humans and this delicate spaceship that we share.

My adult life has been defined primarily by the search for a freedom that our bodies, our minds and our environments can provide. For me, this search has taken form in running, skiing, meditation... but i guess primarily running. 

Through my writing, photos and guided runs, it has been my goal to translate and convey this interface with my human counterparts.

Salomon has been behind many of my adventures over the past several years. I am honored to work this company - as they, too, are getting people on their feet and into a world that is beautiful, challenging and providing.